Bug Found in Comodo Website

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O_RT,

I’ve checked it, the “For Home” button is back again and it works.
Thank you.

XCITIUM RT is the best guy ever to fix things

They were waiting for a new version of CIS, but received a button on the site to download the old version and are happy like children. Comodo follows the principle of take all, then return a little)))

Unfortunately the “For Home” button has no links to “New CIS 2024”…

How can there be links to something that does not exist :rofl:

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Let’s ask Melih.

Hello @Melih,

Does New CIS 2024 exist?

Yes it does its on the way out

If @Melih could confirm this, that would be great.


There is nothing to confirm.

CIS 2024 is not currently available for download so @DeathCat is right.

I was asking for confirmation if New CIS 2024 exists on Comodo’s end, not asking for any physical download.
If @DeathCat is right then we are wasting our time here since there will be no New ICS 2024 if it does not exist on Comodo’s end and that’s what @DeathCat is referring to.
Also asking for confirmation because @1807 claims it’s on the way out, so let @Melih respond please.

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Melih said it will be out in 4-6 weeks for beta testing

@CISfan so its confirmed it will come soon

No it’s not confirmed, read Melih’s answer carefully…

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No because he means that it isn’t available to be downloaded from the website at the moment not that it doesn’t exist in the wild.

I’m not going to stop him from responding. He does have his own mind I’m sure. :rofl:

This topic is about Website Issues.

The Home Section has been not on the website for awhile and thankfully it’s fixed.

Stick to the New CIS 2024 Is Coming topic for discussion about the upcoming release.

It was only 13 days ago when Melih said it would be 4 or 5 weeks, possibly more!

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Last message deleted because the poster was warned.

However decided to ignore it and still post something which was off topic.