Bug Found in Comodo Website

Not correct.
The latest recent versions of Comodo Home Page always had those buttons at the top of the page even on the most recent one. As said, the buttons got removed from the current Comodo Home Page shortly after the “New CIS 2024” announcement which to me (and perhaps to others as well) is a silent Comodo statement that “For Home” has been discontinued. Unfortunately Comodo has the habit to not announce abandoned products and just let this forum linger on till eternity.

Trust me nobody was even thinking about doing the above. Relax.

I should have been more specific: I suspect Comodo has not done a comprehensive update for their Website. Nonetheless, I use the term “update” to mean a major change in content or format, and not just removing a couple links.

I don’t spend much time on the Comodo website, but as I recall, Comodo has previously removed links or buried pages in way that seemed a bit sneaky. So, I’ll take your word for it that Comodo removed buttons/links…it is consistent with what I saw in the past.

I do not have any insider info about Comodo or their website.
But I am a CIS user who wants a free, fully-functional update of CIS in the near future.
If I finally get that, then perhaps I will shift some attention to their website.

We got a little off topic here…this thread is about the expected CIS update, and not about the website. If users want to continue discussing the website, please start a new topic (perhaps a “Suggestions for Improving the Comodo Website” thread). That way, constructive criticism and suggestions about the website can be compiled under a relevant heading, and can be more easily reviewed. Hopefully the Comodo staff will read through any suggestions, and seriously consider them.

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No need for a new topic. Comodo staff will read all what has been said above and they can respond to it.
If the buttons or a “For Home” link do not return on the Comodo Home Page then we know enough.

Enough has been said about it.

After perusing through the antivirus section of the site, I think it would be easier to just start fresh. There’s dead links, discontinued products, and the browser section can’t decide whether Comodo Ice Dragon is a Firefox based application or Chromium, but either way, you get Comodo Dragon because Ice Dragon is discontinued. I was completely unable to find a download link for CIS Premium.

But, yeah, this is all a secondary concern to getting the next release done, but certainly after they will want to focus on that so average end users will be able to find it.

There have been issues with the website a number of times



But as always, download links are accessible through the Forums. Annoying, yes but a quick internet search take you to the various product pages. My guess is that we’ll see website updates when the next version comes out.

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i just wanted to say that the site comodo.com is really outdated/mostly not working
why not rebuild Comodo site with the upcoming release of cis 2024
xcitium for business stuff and Comodo should be focused on the home user

all of the outdated / no longer supported program should be removed
a site should be simple and focused on the main currently developed products


100% spot on!..we do share your view.


Hi CISfan,

The “For Home” button is available now.
Kindly check it.



That’s great, it’s there when I view the page.

I’d love to see Free Internet Security button rather than Activate Now and for the download link to be the Free Version.

Would also love to see Firewall in the Home Products list and link to https://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/firewall.php or just the option when you go to the Internet Security page to download the Firewall as a standalone.

Thanks for fixing the website.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O_RT,

I’ve checked it, the “For Home” button is back again and it works.
Thank you.

XCITIUM RT is the best guy ever to fix things

They were waiting for a new version of CIS, but received a button on the site to download the old version and are happy like children. Comodo follows the principle of take all, then return a little)))

Unfortunately the “For Home” button has no links to “New CIS 2024”…

How can there be links to something that does not exist :rofl:

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Let’s ask Melih.

Hello @Melih,

Does New CIS 2024 exist?

Yes it does its on the way out

If @Melih could confirm this, that would be great.


There is nothing to confirm.

CIS 2024 is not currently available for download so @DeathCat is right.

I was asking for confirmation if New CIS 2024 exists on Comodo’s end, not asking for any physical download.
If @DeathCat is right then we are wasting our time here since there will be no New ICS 2024 if it does not exist on Comodo’s end and that’s what @DeathCat is referring to.
Also asking for confirmation because @1807 claims it’s on the way out, so let @Melih respond please.

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