Bug fixes?

I have V2.4 and I love Comodo Firewall but all these reports about bugs in the program have put me off upgrading to V3 (for now at least)

Is there going to be bug fixes for the issues in V3 and will an installation of V3 at a later date back date the updates or will the download of Comodo Firewall be updated as the fixes are implemented?

I dont want to chance upgrading yet as its the family computer and its too big a risk, rougthly how long till updates for V3 to fix the current lot of bugs?

Of course they will fix the bugs that shows up, why shouldn’t they fix them? I am sure the Comodo devs don’t like bugs, and they want to fix them as soon as possible.

The big boss, Melih, post here, and tell us that the bug-hunting already started :slight_smile:


And the first version that was released was, and a new version is already out! (

Melih talks about it here:


And you can always download the latest version here:

So…if you wait 1 month to download and install v3, you can download the latest version from the link above.

To tell you the truth V3 is very cool, it has a lot of new features and it looks like more game friendly since I can manually allow memory modifications avoiding games to freeze.

Dont get me wrong I dont question Melihs words and the teams abilities its just that as a moderate computer user I just like knowing people are striving to fix issues

Will all the fixes be delivered through V3’s updater or will there come a point were you have to download a whole new program, also is V3 fully modeifiable (ie can the issues be easily fixed) and the issue regarding permissions and pop requests will that be remedied in the near future?

Its not so much the small issues that bother me just the bigger ones