Bug fix soon.... please...please! Almost giving up on this great product

I really appreciate the careful thinking that has gone into the Commodo firewall, and the fact that it is free.

But to me it seems a real pain to use at the present. Too many bugs, and causes too many performance issues on my computer.

Yes there are work arounds - but my experience is that you have to ‘work’ real hard to find and implement all the work arounds you need. Many themselves seem to introduce security holes - for example I have had to stop guard32.dll loading to run Open Office reliably. (See trace on this & java.exe).

Commodo’s strategy (as I understand it) is to use this free software to build its reputation and then sell to corporates. Version 2 had this effect. Version 3 is actually undermining your reputation IMHO.

I think that the longer you leave this software unfixed the greater will be the damage to your reputation!

So it would be really great for everyone if you could fix it.

Many thanks again for the fact that it is so functional and free


Can you try the RC of Comodo Internet Security pls. It is the 3.5 update, includes MANY bug fixes. This will also replace Versions 3.0x when due out for a final hopefully next Thursday.

Install the firewall only though. Let us know how it runs.


Thanks, sorry missed your post below. Maybe there should be a sticky about the bug fix being delivered via CIS?

Can I install this as an update to the v3 firewall, as I have many, many tailored settings. Or uninstall v3 and import a config file? Which would you recommend?

If you are really confident maybe I should install it clean, then see which work-arounds are still needed.

Long experience with installing RCs suggest I ask the best approach to this!

Many thanks for quick reply


You need to do a reinstall. Export your settings first. The RC should be fine. Most of the CIS bugs are in the AV area, which you wouldn’t be installing anyway.

Good evening from Canada. I still want to believe that version 3 is worth updating to from version 2. The bug that chased me away from version 3 was the old “configuration seems to be out of date” bug that arose every boot up. Was that one of the bugs that got fixed in this latest release?


Definitely work updating too for XP/Vista 32/64 bit systems. Comodo Internet Security includes many improves as well, and as mentioned, will replace v3.0.


Thanks have installed it - seems improved so far. Still at least one bug from last version though - have reported it!

Best wishes