BUG: Dialog disappears while loading items,...


this is a bug (i am really sure, since i am a developer). Accidentally i marked my Outlook Express as a potentially dangerous application (HIPS Application Control). So i wanted to remove it from the list of the recognized applications. So the Steps are the following: Open the Comodo Antivirus UI → Go to Settings → Click on the left Pane on the HIPS Application Control → Click the Manage Button for the Manage/Block List. After the Form is opened it immediately starts to load the apps and modules they have been added to the list. Close about to finish the items loading into the list the complete form closes with no chance to stop or intercept it. Thats a Bug! So since i dont know where to report this, i took the chance to write it down here. My OS is Windows 2000 Pro SP4 up2date. Running in Adminsitrator Account at this moment when the problem occured. So now you know,…i hope this helps you in making your product more stable…



I found this response on another thread about the same problem users like yourself and I are having. Hope it’s not too much longer until someone addresses this issue. It is from someone with Comodo. I guess all we can do for now is wait.

 "Hi  mike-wheel

   This is a known problem with CAV.  It will be fixed as soon as the developers can get to it.


Hello All,
This seems like the same problem I had.
Wanted to manage the HIPS list so I selected [Manage] button, the dialog window opened, the list started to populate and suddently all the panels disappeared.

Is this the same?


It sounds similar. Even if it’s not they both sound like bugs. No more bug fixing will be done with this release but rumors of the third incarnation of the antivirus are rampant around these parts (:WIN) One of these days it will be released.