BUG: Compression Level is not saved in Custom Backup profile (CB 4.0.7)

When adding a new custom backup profile, or editing previously created profile the Compression Level setting is reset to Low after application is closed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new backup profile, setting Compression Level to maximum
  2. Run backup profile (optional, just to compare size)
  3. Close program
  4. Open program again
  5. Go to “Edit” backup profile screen to check compression level setting, all settings are preserved except this one
  6. Run backup profile (optional, its compressed as Low compression level)

Please fix…

Thank you for reporting the issue.
It will be fixed in next release (CB 4.1 BETA2).


I can confirm that this issue has been fixed in CB Thanks! But…

I have noticed the same issue with Backup Method option. Setting it to Raw read, after going back to the options, it’s reset to Volume Shadow Copy…

I can’t tell whether this was also present in the previous versions. I used the default option before on all installations. But this issue does exist in CB

Please fix this one too…

Thank you for reporting it.
It will be fixed in next release.