[bug?]Comodo Startup crash caused by image??!!!

when booting the pc, and thus loading comodo i get an error:


This error happens on an irregular base, the image is never the same, and this is followed by a message that comodo is not starting. restarting comodo from program menu works without errors. now personally i think that an image stopping a security program is unforgivable, this should only result in an incomplete user interface, not a stop. The error occured before upgrades, still exists after upgrades.

Comodo version is 3.x (can’t find where the exact version is mentionned), 32bit (Xp home), set in firewall training with safemode and defense+ in disabled (that thing nags way to much), and windows firewall is disabled.

pc config :

  • Amd xp2100+
  • 1024 ram
  • nforce2 motherboard
  • nvidia 6600gt vga
  • ide harddisks, no raid

other (security) programs starting up:

  • avast antivirus
  • boinc (seti)
  • rainlendar
  • bluetooth and activesync managers

hope i got all the requested info in.
did not try reinstall as i don’t consider that an option, can just as well try another firewall then

edit and off-topic: almost forgot, when registering on the forum (using firefox upon clicking the register button, i got this presented as a download, the second time i clicked, it did register???


what’s up with that ???


Some info on this error.
Please confirm error happens on latest 3.0.20 version of CFP.