[Bug] - Comodo 5.9.219X - Tray icon animation


Updated my firewall, as asked by the updater. No problem so far except…

I can’t turn off the tray icon animation when there is traffic !

This option just disappeared in the preferences menu.

Fix this please. It’s really annoying to see the bars going up and down. Plus it was an option available a version ago, so not so hard to get it back in.


It is under Firewall settings now.
Read the changelog first.


Thanks for the quick reply. Next time I’ll read the changelog then :wink: :-TU

Hi all,

the problem still exists in my case, as this option doesn’t fit on the dialog, see attached picture.
I can’t change the size of the dialog, either. Also tried with every visual theme, the same problem with all.

Is there a workaround for switching this feature off elsewhere (registry / ini files) ?


PS: Merry Christmas! :a0

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Welcome to the Forum bpbpbp :slight_smile:

If you are happy alerting the registry there is a way to get the screens to there correct size.

Please read here


Or use your Admin account to change the setting, the screens should be the correct size in that account.


I’ve run into similar problems with my netbook’s small display. As more and more people use portable devices with small displays, this must be becoming more common.

It seems to me that developers like Comodo could take the matter in hand by making their normally fixed-size dialog boxes resizeable. That is, on opening, the boxes would scale themselves to the height of the current display, creating a scrollbar when necessary.

Yeah, comodo’s tray icon animation is a bit of an eyesore. You guys should try to come up with something different. Maybe something simple like the icon changing color like green while updating, orange, blue etc…

Also put a “update program” option in the right click menu for the tray icon. This is for easy access for those who like to turn off auto updates.