Bug: Comodo 3.11.108364.552 address range shown as address mask

I’m documenting this for Comodo Internet Security 3.11.108364.552, but I’ve seen it in earlier versions too. I hope it’s a display bug only but have not confirmed whether it reflects functional bug as well.

When “A range of IP addresses” is specified in My Network Zones, the My Network Zones displays this as “An IP address mask”. It does this by showing a “/” character to delimit beginning address from end address, but it should be showing a “-” character. This means one cannot distinguish ranges from masks in the My Network Zones dialog without editing each address individually to see what appears in the Edit Address dialog. See attached screen capture.

:frowning: I tried to use a BugMeNot account to post this bug because I did not have and do not want a Comodo forum account. Comodo, it is an idiotic forum policy to bother blocking BugMeNot accounts. What purpose does it serve to discourage people like me from doing you the favour of posting this bug. I’ve now created a new account which will be in your database for years, but I will never again use. So what have you achieved? Yes, this time I went to the trouble of posting the bug, but only so I could also add this prompt for you to clean up your act. Although I am a Comodo user, I am not interested in joining your members-only club. If there’s a next time, I’ll try BugMeNot again - if it doesn’t work, there’ll be no bug report. In the mean time, reconsider your tag-and-release policy.

Now deleting and disabling Comodo cookies and forgetting password… >:(

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I think the way how CIS shows is the proper way. Not a bug in my book.