Bug Collection System

New user. Go easy on me.

Attempted several searches, couldn’t find what I was looking for so I’ll post this question here. I recently received a popup from Comodo saying it had encountered a bug, had to close down, and asked if I wanted to send in a Bug Report. It generated an auto email in MS Outlook along with an attached zip file that included a crash.dmp file and a text document. I declined to send it in because I was unsure of the following:

  1. The email was not over an encrypted connection; what is the vulnerability of sending a dmp file attachment in an unencrypted email?
  2. What exactly is in the crash.dmp file generated by Comodo (I’m not familiar with dmp files)?
  3. What protocol does Comodo use when receiving Bug Reports (e.g. confidentiality) ?

I suppose I am being overly cautious here but before I send in a Bug Report, I would like to know what the process is.

Thank you for any assistance.

I think you can view the DMP file yourself, Just open it with Notepad or similiar.