BUG: cavse.exe does not terminate and keeps files locked

I’m running CAVS on WinXP SP2, and I’ve been having problems like not being able to empty the recycle bin because desktop.ini was in use, and on occasion not being able to move or delete other files because they are in use.

I think I have tracked down the problem (thanks to Sysinternals Process Explorer) - even when CAVS is exited entirely I found a number of instances of cavse.exe still in the memory, and they had a number of files locked. When I killed the processes, I was able to empty the recycle bin easily.

It looks to me like that scanner is getting stuck, and not properly terminating. However, it has still locked the files it is (was?) scanning and hasn’t released them properly.

(1) Could someone else having this problem see if the same thing is happening to them?

(2) Is this a common bug, or is something screwy with my setup?

(3) And for a third point, does anyone know if this sort of thing still happens in the not-yet-released version 3?




Reason: Out-Dated post.