Bug Beta 1066 : CIS v5 prevent Daemon Tools Pro to run...

1. CPU (32 bit or 64 bit)
AMD Black Edition 7750 Hz ofc 64 bits

2. Operating System information (including Service Pack Version)
Win 7 x64 without Service Pack but with Windows Update

3. Actively-running security and utility applications (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)
Daemon Tools Pro

4. Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it (step by step).
When i boot my system, Daemon Tools Pro cannot initialize telling me there is a problem with SPTD driver, which is wrong because before installation of CIS v5 he was running very fine.
So as long i’m keeping the Beta i cannot use Daemon Tools which is problematic…

5. Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.

  • Reinstalling Daemon Tools Pro in Training mode.
  • Adding files in Trusted manually

6. Brief description of your Defense+ and Firewall+ mode (Custom, Train with safe) plus mention if you modified any setting in ADVANCED section of D+ and F+ (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)
I use the Safe mode on the Firewall and Defense+, Sandboxed Enabled, AV on Stateful.

7. Report if you are using an Administrator account Or a Limited User account. Vista users please Report if you have UAC Disabled or Enabled (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)
UAC disabled, New account with admin rights.

Yeah, same here. I’m switched temporary to Virtual CloneDrive. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip i will try that.
It works thanks :slight_smile:
I can keep the Beta longer :slight_smile:

Hi Peghorse

Please keep all bug reports in the correct thread,otherwise they won’t be looked into by the devs.Having said that the same bug has been mentioned there so hopefully you’ll get a resolution.


Sorry, My Bad … sort of.

I moved this here from the General Release Bug Board, couldn’t put it in the Beta Bug thread though.


And so what?

Daemon Tools actually IS a malware, as is is bundled with toolbars, adwares…

In your dream Brucine sorry…
There is no Toolbar or any adwares anymore…
Now this is Daemon Tools Light which have less features but without adwares, you could have the Pro version with Adwares without giving moneys but that was YOUR CHOICE.

And for me, i bought lifetime licence so… no adwares at all !