[BUG] Annoying bugs with CPF 3 and Erasing tools


just want to inform you that i have encountered annoying bugs using Erasing tools while running Comodo Personal Firewall 3 ( )

When using the software ‘O&O SafeErase’
http://www.oo-software.com/home/en/products/oosafeerase/ :

There is a possibility that the cmdagent.exe reaches 99% CPU usage when “secure erasing” the recycle bin contents with O&O SafeErase. This problem does not occur on systems without CPF 3. There seems to be no way to kill the cmdagent.exe process so the only solution here was / is to shutdown and reboot the system.

→ Data loss possible

When using the software ‘Eraser’
http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/default.php :

There is a possibility that during an erasing process of a folder “something” creates/copies new files into that folder, that were not there before ( usually .dll or .exe from the system dir ) thus leaving the directory still existing with new files in it. This problem only occurs with CPF3 installed and running on that system.

→ Annoying bug that prevents sensitive data from being erased

Please try to reproduce these errors and fix it asap.


Since the secure erase program probably accesses the HD directly, it would cause a CFP alert. That alert might be conflicted by the erase program’s routine and a loop created. Try the following: Click Defense+>Common Tasks>My Own Safe Files. Then click Add and choose Browse and locate the exe for O&O SafeErase and select it. Do the same for Eraser. With any luck that should fix the problem.

Finally someone who is also using a shredder… i am Having the same Problem… i found this out when i was doing some shredding of a folder that contained a lot of .dll files ( like 30 or so )… since the shredding process rewrites each file over a certain number of times, Defense+ registered each overwrite as an individual file and soon the list was up to 30,000 plus Pending Files and then my system froze… cmdagent was up to over 50% processor usage… i used process explorer to kill it luckily… OO Safe-erase is already in my safe files and also has Trusted application rules… Even with Defense+ in disabled mode the problem persists… i hope this will get looked into soon… :THNK

I can’t find any way to tell CFP to not log new files into the Pending Files list or to do so for a given application. The only way that I can see is to set the Defense+ mode to disabled (reboot may be needed). To do that, click Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Settings>. Here, slide the Defense+ Security Level slider to Disabled. This may not take full effect until you have rebooted, but I have not tested this. If reboot does not fix the problem, you may have to check the “Deactivate the Defense+ permanently…” and reboot. This seems like a faulty design and you should file a bug report: https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports-b106.0/
Please mention thedetails in:

Ok i did add O&O SafeErase to ‘My Own Safe Files’ . It seems that the problems is still there. Maybe it does not occur so often anymore but it definitively still causes the cmdagent.exe to eat up 99% cpu ressources on some erasing processes.

I hope this will get fixed soon as COMODO states in their FAQ :

5) Why is Comodo Firewall Pro FREE?

Comodo has a mission: That is to make sure that all PC users are secure as they transact on the net.

And btw, COMODO people, erasing tools are also very helpfull to stay secure…

I made the mistake of running Eraser with Network Defence set at Block All Mode.
I do not know why but in this mode it add 177,000+ :o files in the pending list and nearly froze my computer it took 10 minutes to purge them from the list I shall not make that mistake again.
Ran Eraser again after changing setting in Network Defence to Custom Policy Mode no problems very odd. :-

EDIT Ran Eraser again the problem with pending files appear again did not have this problem a few days ago or with previous versions of CPF3

If the logging of overwrites as files is what is happening, I can see no way to stop it, short of disabling Defense+. This is hardly a convenient solution. I have posted a Feature Request, but maybe all of you would be good enough to post bug reports? That would likely have more effect.

Thank you for your post I will post a bug report after further testing I think the problem only occurs when I get a folder alert request this does happen every time for me.

Same problem here (cmdagent eating all CPU) with Comodo and a simple Shift+Delete on a directory with many files and subdirectories.