[BUG] Alert frequency level mismatch

When installing RC3 I set security level to High, but upon next reboot I’ve discovered it’s set to default Low.

Are you referring to the Alert Frequency slider under Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous?


Oops, I meant exactly that setting.

I haven’t seen that in the forums so far…

Can you provide standard System Info - OS version/build, CPU stats, HD, RAM, security & system/process/registry monitoring software.

Oh, just a quick question (you never know…) after moving the slider to High, did you click “OK” before rebooting?


Just tested with RC4 working under VMWare, the bug is still present: during installation I chose manual configuration and set High alert level, but after subseqent reboot I found to be default Low.

The first time through, did you install on Manual, or Automatic?

If you’ve done Manual install/config so far, can you try Automatic and see if the bug remains?


I use Manual mode. Automatic doesn’t ask me any questions I want to answer. :slight_smile: So this bug applies only to manual mode installation.

Hi djet

Perhaps it’s caused by this…

Known issues: 1) Under Securit->Advanced->Miscellaneous section alert frequencey level shows three stages rather 5.

This was posted with the RC4 release notification by Egemen here.