Buffer, Pocket, Print Friendly & PDF (PF&Pdf) don't work

Hi all,

As I shift from Google products and Chrome and from Firefox to CDI, I have been busy installing all of my (FF) extensions to CDI. What I noticed though is that for some reason, Buffer and PF&PDF do not function. When I click on them, another tab opens up and the target page is just reloaded.

Thinking initially it could be a pop-up setting I unchecked that in the settings but nothing changed. I then proceeded to load CDI in safe mode with all extensions disabled but that didn’t help either.

Regarding pocket, the icon does not appear at all when clicking on the page action icon “…” within the omnibox even though it is built-into FF.

I checked about:config > extensions.pocket.enabled and made sure that the value column displays true.

All three extension work perfectly well in the stock FF browser.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day! :azn: