Buffer overrun

… 34 minutes after starting, USPDB maker upchucks the whole enchilada.

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I have the same problem every time I restart my computer, any solution anywhere?

Seems it would be in the program code - from the error message, one presumes it’s written in C++. Worst part is, at least for us, the computer is essential useless while that program is running, as it uses 100% of the CPU until it crashes. If it goes through the drill every time you reboot - that’s a cruel joke I would not find particularly funny.

I have the same problem here it keeps crashing, works fine on my moms computer when I went over to install it, but it doesn’t want to run on mine. I can live with it for now as I can just cancel the scan but it would be nice to have this issue solved sometime

Guys, check out this thread:


Umesh has a post with an attached zip archive. The archive contains some files, and he give instructions on how to use them. It should help.