buffer overflow attack


i do not not if i should post this here. Virus total http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=444ff5e260680da367ceede61a65f6f0863cc80e2fbed9fe9eda7fc33ddc6ca5-1285819362

But i got this screenshot from a program that is safe (Astroburn Lite).http://astroburn.com/
Should i just ignore it or there should be a fix?


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Virus Total shows it is a clean file. You can skip the alert for this file.

The shell code execution alert just warns the program is vulnerable for a malware attack. It does not necessarily mean the program is getting abused by malware. The Virus Total scan tells us nothing is going on and you can safely skip the alert. Or when you use the file often add it to the shellcode exclusions.

Many thanks EricJH.

I’m confused on how VT works (@.@)
How do I know if the application I sent is a malware or a goodware?

Hey and Welcome AltaireX

if every vendor that is on the list has nothing written then it’s a goodware but I recommend you to wait 2 days and check it again. Since I am a malware research I will take this exe file and report it as FP and I will report the results.


okies, thank you very much Valentin =)
And yeah every vendor that’s on the list has nothing written, although when I logg out and then sign in again to check my uploaded file…
Sign in>My Account>View my Profile>Malfence>link to the file (bunch of numbers and letters)
After clicking the File link (wich I uploaded) … it tells me Not Found…
I tought the file was left there for further investigation or something like that o.o
So I’m still confused xD
I apologize for my ignorance =P


no need to apologize AltaireX. People that have more knowledge about things that you don’t know of are here to share their knowledge and to inform you. Forums are there for people to help each other, to exchange information :slight_smile:



And On Topic

What’s up with my file not being found after analizing it with Virus Total?
From what I’ve understood, everything’s fine with the application I wish to execute right?
(vendors not showing anything’s wrong with the file)

Oh and I feel I’m learning some new things thanks to this overflow thing xP

can you give me the link please? or have you download from this website http://www.astroburn.com//?

Sorry if my question is stupid.



no no not stupid at all =)

And sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have posted here, I got the buffer overflow attack with something else, not astroburn =(

I got it from Dragon Saga

A game =P

I get the buffer overflow attack when I try to install the GATEWAY thing they make you download xP