Buffer Overflow attack protection

In the version 3.5.57173.439 of the stand-alone firewall on my older HP laptop there is something not present which I now see in the version 3.8.64263.468 if the INTERNET SECURITY product that I just downloaded today (13 Feb 2009) and installed onto my wife’s brand spankin’ new Dell notebook…

…and that’s a feature which at least appears to be protection from buffer overflow attacks… which is what the COMODO MEMORY FIREWALL has always done.

Am I interpreting that correctly? Has MEMORY FIREWALL-style buffer overflow attack protection finally been added to the COMOMDO INTERNET SECURITY product? If so, is what’s now in the INTERNET SECURITY product as good as or better than what’s in the COMODO MEMORY FIREWALL product? And, if so, then does that finally make it unnecessary to also have the COMODO MEMORY FIREWALL installed on any machines which are running the latest/greatest version of the COMODO INTERNET SECURITY product? Can I de-install the MEMORY FIREWALL from any of my machines which are now running the latest/greatest version of the INTERNET SECURITY product?

Or does the COMODO MEMORY FIREWALL product do something more which warrants its continued use?

If my suspicion is correct that INTERNET SECURITY finally does what MEMORY FIREWALL has alwasy done, then someone needs to update the appropriate Comodo web site product areas with a little note of some kind informing potential downloaders that the latest version if INTERNET SECURITY does what the MEMORY FIREWALL does and so it’s not necessary to have both products running on any given machine. Better yet, the installers for each product should simply sense the presence of the other and take appropriate action during installation.

Or am I getting ahead of myself? Is the MEMORY FIREWALL still required because it does something more and/or better than what INTERNET SECURITY does? (Fingers crossed that that’s not the case!)

Yes, BO protection has been added in 3.8. If CIS 3.8 is running with Buffer Overflow enabled, CMF is no longer needed. The latest releases are always posted on the forum first and the website is updated after (probably by next week).

There were MANY new improvements in 3.8 listed here:



by the way I use CIS 3.8 it does have built in CMF right? so why do I need safesurf?

you can uninstall SafeSurf if you have 3.8.

yea, okay but whats the point offering safesurf in 3.8 if it allready have the built in protection ?

COMODO has not removed SafeSurf from the CIS installer yet.

Buffer Overflow Tester application returns error if you set CIS 3.8 to ‘COMODO - Proactive Security’ preset configurations.