Buffer Overflow Attack?! :O

okay, so i was reinstalling GTA IV and all of a sudden comodo firewall alerted me that i was being attacked and the culprit with explorer.exe and asked me if i termininate or skip…i choose terminate, i just wonder if i was right to do that? 88) sry, i’m a noob.

It’s an FP. CIS threw a lot of those “BO attacks” at the end when installing a game :slight_smile:

cool, cool, but was I correct to terminate or should i have skipped it 88)

I would have thought that important windows processors would have been in some sort of whitelist that gave no option to terminate etc…

If this is indeed the legit explorer.exe , Then no you don’t need to terminate it… You can check whether it’s good or bad by uploading it to www.virustotal.com (It is more then likely fine though…)
Please post your findings…

If you loose your bars and that sort of thing, Press
File…New Task ( Run )
Type in; Explorer.exe

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I’m in the same boat: https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_help/explorerexe_bufferoverflow_shellcode_injection-t42490.0.html

After installing/deinstalling games I get a BO. I scanned my system back and forth, but no culprit could be found. Maybe it’s a bug of the new Comodo version I installed a few days ago.

FP = False positive? :smiley: