Buffer Overflow attack from explorer.exe

Today, sudenly when not doing anything on pc , i received this popup with an “buffer overflow attack” from EXPLORER.EXE. My system is Intel E5200, 4Gb Kingmax DDR 800 with Vista Ultimate - x64+ SP1.
CIS version 3.8.65951.477 64bit version

I think i have seen before this bug reported here or on some other forums, but i’m not shure…
No other security program isi installed, Windows defender and windows firewall is disabled, internet connection is PPoE.

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I have also had this occur once, right after I uninstalled a program via Add/Remove programs.

Vista Home Prem x32 SP1
CIS 3.8.65951.477

Was happened again when i switch from DreamScene to a normal wallpaper… But is aleatory. I tryied again several times and newer happened again…

Did you happen to reboot after the first “alert” ?


It could be that CIS remembers your decision after the “first” alert, maybe try it with a reboot in between ?

I give a reboot, an try to reproduce again this buffer overflor, but is not occured again yet. But - atention is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Explorer.exe, not C:\Windows\Explorer.exe

I get a buffer overflow from C:\Windows\syswow64\explorer.exe after any installtion with install shield since yesterday. Then I checked the Comodo defense history and saw this:

C:\Users\xxx\AppData/Local/Temp/_isEE6.exe → Create Process → C:\Windows\syswow64\explorer.exe

Could this be the cause? If so, will a system recovery help to undo it?

If _isEE6.exe is part of the install package you initiated then i guess this will be a false positive.
Is this just with “InstallShield” packages ?

I had that too but in XP can’t remember the program though