Hello to the Comodo forums!

First of all I want to thank you for a handful of superb and useful apps! Especially Comodo Firewall! Now for the bug report.

After running post-install restart, computer is no longer able to work properly.

When Booting up computer, screen shows BSOD for a short duration of time (less then a second) and then automatically restarts computer, creating an infinite loop of restarts.

Windows XP SP3 fully patched & legal
Comodo Firewall and Comodo Time Machine installed

I would be more then happy to post data from BSOD, but there is no way to read them during the time that sceen is showed. I was only able to restore my windows through Comodo Time Machine console. Anyway, I would gladly provide more info or do anything elste to help you. Due the fact that I have CTM, i can even reproduce the BSOD.


Windows XP SP3 fully patched & legal
Comodo Firewall and Comodo Time Machine installed”

Comodo Time Machine is NOT compatable with encryption software. You may have well bloweded up your machine with minimal chances of recovery.

Entire encryption (with CDE) was on other, unprotected hard drive.

I try comodo encryption. I install it and restart the pc and now my pc is not starting giving BSOD error.

os windows xp sp3

Can you boot into Safe Mode or use “Last Known Good Configuration” option?

Please see if you can do what deadman said;

Report back


i uninstalled AtomicAlarmClock and install Comodo Disk Encryption again , now it is working perfectly.
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