BSOD with 2.9 Beta

CTMSHD.SYS address 8BA473C7 base at 8BA40000 DateStamp 4C84C53E

OxC0000005 0xBA473C7 0xB13F7848 0x00000000

No dump file due to CTM limitation.
Hint: Windows updates or Windows Live Mesh recently installed (side by side with Mozy).

I need support or I’ll need to uninstall :frowning:

Hi tech:
There should be an error code before 0xc0000005, please send it to us.
Does BSOD happen when system starts up or after you perform a specific operation?
We will look into this issue.


Yeah… I took no full notes of it. Sorry, I was in the middle of a meeting…
Any other place I could get such info? Which to look at Windows Events?

Im afraid not.
so you can not reproduce it now?

No… It’s not happening all the time.
I’ve thought it was a Windows Live Mesh & Mozy interaction. But it does not happen all the time.
Thanks for the support. I don’t know what to do…