BSOD when shutting down/restarting windows

Everytime I run the update feature to install the updates to upgrade from version or use the latest download of cfp version, I get a BSOD everytime I shut down/ restart the computer. Minidumps are not being created… the bluescreen of death happens after the user is already logged off/settings saved… it literally bluescreens milliseconds after the screen goes black

If I uninstall cfp and just use this version: CFP_Setup_3.0.21.329_XP_Vista_x32.exe I have no problems… I have been troubleshooting this for a while… after the installing the latest version or after rebooting after updating a previvous version of cfp to the latest build, all subsequent shutdowns blue screen…

I am running win xp 32bit sp3
cable internet
logged in with admin priv
running disk encryption
using default rules

Has any one else seen this??

STOP 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x86B59A20,0x86B59B94, 0x805C8BFC)


Hi Hobbes, welcome to the forums.

I believe that post CFP had extra rootkit protection added (not sure on the relevance of this at the moment). But, can you expand a bit on the disk encryption that you are using? Thanks. I seem to have a dim recollection, from somewhere, that BSOD 0x000000F4’s might be related to HDDs.


Seems like kail is right. 0x000000F4-errors are related to your HDD(s).

I doubt this is the case in your situation, but like kail also said, it might be related to your disc encryption.


I found this on msdn: it looks like it means “that a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated.”

(disk encryption Truecrypt 5.1a)

Is Comodo trying to stay resident after the encryption keys are cleared from memory on shutdown? What rootkit protection feature was added???

I haven’t had any problems before with Comodo or Truecrypt. I run a very minimal setup on this machine.
For now, I have reverted back to build; no problems what so ever…

I’ll try out the next Comodo update to see if this stop error has been fixed… I don’t like getting Stop errors when running full disk encryption…

Not sure about the memory clearance (we’d need to ask the Dev’s about that). But, I believe CFPs anti-rootkit defence was toughened during this period (caused a problem with GameGuard).

I don’t blame you.