BSOD using Cisco VPN with Comodo 2.3.6

First of all - thanks for nice firewall!

It was running very nice for a few days but I had to uninstall it after I got a few BSODs when I tried to run Cisco VPN on Windows XP SP2 with all fixes instaled. I guess this was due to Zone Labs’ Integrity Agent which is basically is a stripped down Zone Alarm firewall. Unfortunately I have to use Cisco VPN to access company’s intranet.

Is there a way to run them both together?

Have you tried this yet?,2791.0.html

jasper ;D

No, I did not try this (missed this topic) even if I’m aware how to get rid of Zone Alarm manually. But my understanding is that if I remove Zone Alarm I will not be able to use VPN since it required according to security policy. Am I wrong?

Does your (company’s?) security policy contains firewall name/types? If only asks for a firewall, you can be sure about the answer.

I would talk to your company administrator to see if he can give you a solution as the Zone Alarm firewall is centrally managed by them and is part of their security policy.


What I have is TrueVector Internet Monitor NT service that depends on vsdatant.sys (as far as I understand ZA firewall). When I remove vsdatant.sys TrueVector does not start and Cisco VPN client can not connect to VPN server. I’m not sure if policy plays any role there or something else but without vsdatant.sys I can not use VPN.

I can try but 90% that will not lead to anything positive. It would be really nice if Comodo and ZA could co-exist.