BSOD on Windows XP PRO SP3

I just downloaded version 2.3.219500.176. Everything seemed normal when I went to use it.

As expected, the program wanted to reboot the PC to check for root kits. Very early in the boot process I got the ugly BSOD. IO SYSTEM VERIFICATION ERROR IN HIDCLASS.SYS (WDM DRIVER ERROR 22E) [HIDCLASS.SYS+1902 AT B90E2902].

This PC is a Dell Optiplex GX260 with 2GB RAM running Windows XP Professional SP3. I am an administrator on this system.

One thing different about this system is that it uses an Ultra 4 port USB KVM switch. It could be possible that this program does not like this KVM switch.

I was able to turn the PC off and connect a PS/2 keyboard. Selecting Last Known Good got me up and running again. Comodo Cleaning Essentials resumed its scan after I logged into the PC. It just skipped the root kit check.

I am not discouraged as I see this as being a very useful tool.

Hi MadJack,

Thank you for your feedback, we are looking into your issue

  1. can you reproduce it?
  2. would you please send us the crash dump file?
  3. did u run a full scan or smart scan?