BSOD Conflict with Veeam and Comodo AV for Server 12

I currently have an Itarian Support ticket open on this, but thought I would post anyways.

Currently have a fresh install of Windows 2019 Server (patched up) and Veeam Backup and Replication Server. Before installing Comodo AV, I could perform a Veeam Backup, Backup Copy and Replication. After the AV is installed, the Backup and Backup Copy works, but when I run the replication, I get a BSOD, causing the server to reboot. I can disable all the features in the AV (Antivirus, Auto-Containment, HIPS, Virus Scope and DLP Monitoring) and it still crashes. If I uninstall the AV, Veeam works perfectly. Add the AV back on, it will start crashing again.

The BSOD is complaining about PNP drivers.

Anyone run into this?

CCS support forums are here: