Happened while attempting to download & save a file on C:\ from sandboxed IE 8

Save file elsewhere.

P.S. This is purely an attempt at humour, focussing on the brevity of the problem description. PM sent to OP

We would very much appreciate it if you would edit your first post to create an issue report in line with the bug forum guidelines and format here. You can copy and paste the format from this topic. For a BSOD we must have a csrash dump file, or the developers will not be able to fix the problem. A link in the standard format explains how to find and append this.

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Best wishes and many thanks in anticipation


No memory.dmp file was saved, probably becasue I have the pagefile on another drive. I’ve moved it to C:\ and try again if I have time.

Thanks Pete :slight_smile:

For the moment I’ll move to orphaned, as without a dump unfortunately devs will be unable to do anything.

Just PM any active mod if you get a dump and therefore add a bug report in standard format, and we will move it back again.

Best wishes