BSOD and CUMON.sys

(try this again…)
Hi - I’ve tried several times to install CPM on my XP machine but consistently get a BSOD (Stop: 0x0000008E) due to CUMON.SYS. I recently restored my system to an earlier version based on a disk image from 9/12 and thought it a good oportunity to try again. Well, same error.:frowning:

I have isolated this problem specifically to CPM w no other software/hardware added/changed. Rebooting to safe mode and uninstalling fixes the problem.

I see there have been some other discussions on this but not for some time. Any thoughts? Attached is a minidump if that’s of any use.

Thanks a lot for the support,

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More info would help (XP SP, what security software/resident programs, RAM…)

Eliminate memory faults by running memtest86+ overnight (doubful since its pretty specific but it won’t hurt and you don’t want to chase a hardware fault by troubleshooting software)

Use MSconfig to disable non-essential programs/services to look for software conflicts.

Make sure everything is up to date.

There’s a 0xC0000005 STOP error (BSOD) also with cumon.sys here.

Memory thoroughly tested, (no OC of anykind) and tracked down to Comodo Programs Manager.

It’s on XP SP3, but that may not be the difference either.

If you (Comodo People) Bing or Yahoo - or whatever is your Broodre - around, it’s clear that there is still a nasty (hardware - and maybe OS - independent) bug with cumon.sys causing BSODs.

Please look into it!


You should fix that!

I would look into software (especially security) conflicts.

Blue Screen of Death
Stop 0000008E (0xc0000005, 876f45d5, 9f79e2fc, 0)
base 876e600
datestamp 4e64a35b
Properties: ‎Monday, ‎September ‎05, ‎2011, ‏‎11:14:18 AM
Created yesterday

will try to remove & uninstall
zip file of bad cumon.sys attached
SFC did not find any problems

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Been using CPM very successfully on 5 PCs for about 4-5 years, and this has happened a couple of times. Revisiting this in case anyone else has the issue. Seems to be a quirk in CPM where it will conflict with security software under certain circumstances. I was uninstalling avast when bs started (I think the uninstaller triggered some sort of response from CPM and cumon) and then they continued after I installed 360 TSE. Using BlueScreenView I could see that an element of the security in each case was in the dump stack. With 360 it was the sandbox. This was over 8 different minidumps.

CPM is fairly complex with the service and using some deeper elements of Windows. As an indication, 360 TSE once even popped a warning that CPM was trying to turn it off. This I interpreted as CPM trying to shut down the PC (causing the bs), though, due to 360’s place in the stack. LOL, 360 actually stopped that one bs with that alert. Anyway, I don’t know if there is a fix for this for users, but it has always disappeared after some time in my experience. Still, Comodo could take a look at this. CPM is quietly the best by far uninstaller around for anyone who understands clean/effective software. I know it’s not being developed, but this tech deserves a resurrection from its current oblivion imo.