Browsers of COMODO

What a good looking web-site for browsers of COMODO :-TU It looks cool 8)

Check here : 8)

if you want to see only IceDragon : 8)

I cannot find the only Dragon one sorry if you know the website for only dragon please give me I will edit my post :wink:

Best Regards

Never seen that before… :smiley:

Really good looking page.

No more crashes or frozen screens.

My 300 tabs in Comodo Dragon disagrees, froze my whole system. =3 But then again I suppose that’s not normal usage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’d really like to update my Extensions in CD… :cry:

Then, share with your friends I am sure they will love it :wink:

They should also update main website.

or link of the main site should be directed to these links :-La
what about this idea ?

Yes, something easier.
Just compare


and I think main site only shows to people Dragon :-TD Comodo has another browser called Ice Dragon. It is really hard to find it in first place :slight_smile:

and I think
These links

should be directed to

this page is very attractive 8)

Really like the look of the site. Too bad a Google search for Comodo Dragon does not show that site.

It’s quite more attractive…Hopefully they’ll update that soon…

Agreed. :-TU

nice but https ff is not included

:-La :):-TU