Browser Security Section in CIS

Since almost all viruses come for the internet there should be a section that is deticated to internet browsers CIS.

My ideas are to make a tab that has a Automatic system for protection that will fix errors in browsers,
Also make it patch vulnerabilitys in the browsers, automaticly like “SPYBOT search and destroy”
Also make it so you can access internet settings in browsers that have been taken over by viruses

Allow for Forcing shutdown and blocking of active X, blocking cookies, (IE does not do this even if it is set to block all (IE8 RC1)) and make a way to RESET browers and run without Addons (like IE 7 & 8 have)
Make it also so you can set a Automatic time to wipe the history and temp files.
Help keep Privacy by bloking stuff like Browser Headers and stop addons and cookies form sending info out.
Also add a Phising detecter and add the verification engine for searches .

Hope you guys like my ideas :slight_smile:

Hi Alberta dude,

*** Edited *** I have to edit my post because either I was hallucinating :slight_smile: or there was word “firewall” in the initial post before. My apology if that was my mistake. Anyway what are you suggesting, as I see it, is another browser you want to be implemented as a part of CIS and some plug-ins belonging to browser. Please read CIS instead of “firewall” below. end of Edit

I understand what you are saying but… it seems like all those suggestions are not the firewall functions.
As for IE many users are not using it (me included, which doesn’t really matter :)).
But seriously, it was never safe and I have doubts it will ever be. You can choose more secure one, like Firefox, Opera and their Add-ons like NoScript, AddBlock, WOT, Finjan,… etc.

Then, in addition to what this firewall does quite strongly, including rules/policies you can add & so on - in Comodo firewall you have Defense+ which should alert you about any suspicious code execution. You may choose other behavioral analysis as well. Some users prefer having only one active HIPS / IDS but some are successfully running additional one without compatibility issues with Defense+

Finally, there is Wish List section in the forum and similar request were discussed already you can find related threads there and read some opinions For example:

I think there are other older discussions about similar suggestions when Firewall was standalone. Probably somebody can point where they are I cannot find that straight away.

My regards

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