Browser security question

Well, just a thought / question:

If we go here:

with (or even without) the intention to convert one of our precious pdf files to .doc format

one can click here:

  1. Select PDF to convert:

and inside this field you will immediately recognize your own desktop files…


Is it really a secure thingie if (by intention) ANY site could possibly browse your DT by just clicking (or not even doing that, just by visiting a certain site?)

Comodo Firewall at very restrictive level.
Firefox 9.1

(just a guess: would’ve certainly also happened when using Comodo Dragon)…

How can any site be able to read one’s Desktop Files just by visiting and/or clicking a non js-button?

Please tell me I’m wrong… :wink:

Greetings from ol’ REBOL.

Create a file on you desktop and rename it as an html file. Edit the file and add this single line of HTML.

Save the file, then open it in your browser - any browser.