Browser (Opera) stating Certificate as not safe


Best wishes for 2009 to all at Comodo, all forum users and readers, and even to the moderators :wink:

When using Opera, on site https/forum.comodo… the keylock symbol right hovering mentiones ‘connection is not safe. Do not transpit sensitive data. Server tried to apply safety conditions, but did not succeed’

Is this serious? Also does it have anything to do with the certificate issuing issue I read on one of the other forum topics.

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where in the forums did you experience this, and what version of Opera? I use Opera (currently v9.63) and have never gotten any messages like that. not that I can fix anything, but I’m curious to see if I can reproduce it at least.

http doesn’t generate these things, while https does with the small grey box with the ? at the right side inside Opera’s address bar. And when you click on it, you’ll see there’s a problem with the certificate (as identified by Opera).

I can only guess :slight_smile:
When I’m watching the main page or composing new answers (like this), the pages are reported secure (by Opera 9.63).
But this thread is reported as unsecure for example.
I think it’s because of Soyabeaner’s avatar in this case (and it’s the case with most user avatars here in general) which is located on a http-server. Secure pages invoking elements from non-secure places aren’t secure anymore, because the unsecure elements may place cookies, execute scripts… on your displayed page and all data between the http-server and your computer is transferred unencrypted.

So, opera is right - the page isn’t secure and may contain security risks. I’d love it, if opera would be more specific, what caused the problem.

In this case it’s not a problem with the certificate, but with the content of the page.

Ok thanks BigMike and Soyabeaner and Tormod for the replies and explanation,


But there’s a timing discrepancy. Mack reported the problem before I even came here to post :THNK

That’s true. Before Mack was posting this, even the whole thread has not been here.
I thought Mack was talking about watching other threads - and at least in my case - on some pages (pages not containing user avatars or threads, where the user avatars were all uploaded via the forum interface instead of specified via a http url), I have no problems with Opera’s secure connection indicator.
But when an image from an normal http page is invoked somewhere, I get the same warning considering the page as insecure - not only at the comodo forums. I can’t really tell what the reason is, because Opera’s warning message isn’t very specific. There may also be other reasons.
If all pages produce this warning on Mack’s side, there must be another problem.

At least I’m not bothered by it since I prefer http (it’s always faster than https anyway to skip all those checks ;D). I also noticed that this Opera “issue” also occurs on other sites like Yahoo’s login screen when I block certain url’s using the content filter. If unblock it, the grey question mark becomes the standard golden lock :D. It’s most likely because I blocked the site it needs to fetch those security verifications.