Browser Hijack

i have been working on trying to fix problem with browser. a web site attached itself to my default browser. i had been sent to this forum by a friend and ran suggested scans. i saved the log file which i do not understand, and also clicked upload to be analyzed on the scan program. i do not know know where to view any results or retrieve feedback on the log file.
i have run other scans since and have deleted so many files at this point via scan results, that i am having errors now on good stuff running on my computer. the latest thing i have done is run “reg. machanic” and it shows 2300 problems, only fixed 3. outside of giving up and taking my computer in for repair, i am lost. could use some advice. with all the scan and all deletions of recommended file or entries i still cannot type in on my comcast settings for homepage as it is still grayed out.
i hope i make sense cause i am surely lost!!

Welcome to the forums, dlr ~

From your description, it sounds like your browser has been hijacked in some way, but more info is needed. Please read this post and provide as requested there; that will help us help you.
Please be as specific as possible, especially on symptoms and possible source.

BTW, I’ve moved your post to the malware removal assistance board so that your problem can be better focused on and responded to.