Browser change to Yahoo popup disable

I’m looking to stop the intermittent popup saying I should use Yahoo browser. I know there was a setting and I have it changed on one of my other devices, however I can’t seem to locate where you disable the Comodo popup.

Could someone assist with locating the setting?

don’t use comodo dragon or ice !
they are both outdated and very low security protection !

i don’t use comodo browsers since 2018 ?

note: i do have a comodo icedragon browser in my
win pe xp lite

Then uncheck it and click Ok

I think something may have gone wrong in your reply. Which setting do I uncheck?

Uncheck the box that says: Confirm Browser changes and then click Ok

I normally uncheck (to be on the safe side) and click Decline and it never asks again.

Yes - either method seems to work . . .

Unchecking the box in the popup doesn’t stop the pop up from coming up which is what I want to have have happen.

It still keeps coming up every month or two.

I know there was at one point a setting that would get Comodo to stop asking(stop the pop up) however I can’t seem to find that.

Looking for updates here.

Anyone know how to stop the the popup from coming up?

I have multiple devices with Comodo on it so it’s actually pretty annoying to keep having to say “NO, I do NOT want Yahoo.”

Errrmmmm is this CIS or CD related?

Hi darksim1,

Thank you for reporting, we will check this and update you.


Hi darksim1,

We have checked and found no issue on this.
Could you please check with the latest CD version ?
Kindly download the respective CD bit type according to your system bit.


No issues? How do I stop the pop up from asking?

Hi darksim1,

We just normally Uncheck the box that says: Confirm Browser changes and then click Ok.
The pop-up won’t occur again.
Anyways for further investigation, kindly provide the below details.

  1. CIS/CFW Version ?
  2. Win version along system bit type ?
  3. CD version along with bit type ?