Browser Change Notification

I have a backup program that runs, daily, unattended. Comodo Firewall prevents the copying of the Dragon “Secure Preferences” file with the message: “is trying to change the current settings of your browser”. So, it fails to back-up this file every time. If I happen to be sitting at my computer, the Firewall popup asks if I approve it or not, but it never offers the option to treat it as a permanently approved activity. I’ve tried putting a check-mark next to the backup program in the unblock applications area, but it never holds. How do I instruct Firewall to permanently approve the copying of this file

open the settings
open firewall rules
running proecesses
look for your backup-program
ruleset: allow
click ok

Don’t know if it helps!

Normally I don’t allow programs to change my firewall settings.

It is not possible to set exclusions like you can in CCAV so you should disable the browser protection setting.