‘Browse’ button no longer functions for input of support thread email attachment

Hello everyone

I am working with Windows XP SP-3 and Comodo 4.1

Currently, with the help of a worldwide software company’s support group, l am trying to solve a software problem not associated with Comodo.

On the company’s support thread I was formerly able to enter a response message and attach a data file with info for the support expert by clicking on a ‘Browse’ button displayed below the thread’s ‘enter reply’ window. The ‘Browse’ button activated a Windows Explorer-type function to enable me to browse through my own folders and files until I had the complete data path for the info data file needed, usually screen shots in .doc format. The file was sent off with the thread reply when I hit ‘Send reply’. A few days ago, this ‘Browse’ button was shaded out and I can no longer attach such info files to the support team member, but I can still send off the rest of the reply without any difficulty. Clearly, I want to be able to attach info data files as well.

I think that this might possibly have been caused by a new security setting in some Comodo automatic update, but I am no Comodo specialist and have no idea how it could have happened. Can anyone help me please? Is this really from Comodo and if so, how can I correct it? Is there a Comodo setting that could be used to re-enable the function? If not, does anyone know how this could have happened/be corrected?

Many thanks for any help that you can give me.

To ensure that it is Comodo that is causing the problem, try disabling the Firewall and the AV and D+. You could also uninstall comodo (after backing up your configuration).


Thank you for the quick reply. I am not sure whether I did this right, but to disable the firewall, I just ‘exit-ed’ Comodo and retried the browse function, but it remained inactive. Did I do enough?

About de-installing Comodo: I have read that this can be a complicated procedure for a non-specialist like myself, and so I am reluctant to try it alone, but if you will kindly give me detailed instructions I’ll gladly have a go at it.

Uninstalling CIS is not that complex. You can either use the control panel > Add remove programs etc. This should be sufficient, especially if you plan on re-installing CIS afterward. If you want to remove all traces of CIS, you can use the script posted here https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/cleanup-tool-for-comodo-internet-security-t36499.0.html

To backup your configuration, open the GUI, More > Manage my Configurations > Export. After re-install, simply use the import function.

To ensure the firewall is disabled instead of exiting the application, right click on the system tray icon and change the Firewall Security Level to Disabled. You can do the same for D+ etc.

Hope this helps