Brontok Disinfection


Does anyone know if CCE can clean and infected computer with Brontok malware?

I familiar with this one. This will infect winlogon, lsass, csrss. It will create a .scr file or 2 and a bunch of shortcuts to it if you attach a usb memory stick to it. In Internet explorer is will change the start page. Also will create a bunch of files that are 42kb in size. If show hidden files in windows explorer, open "appdata and somewhere in there you’ll find some folders that should not be there (it’ll be obvious). It’ll have some fake lsass and csrss files with the windows xp file icon on it even if it’s on windows 7 Hehehehehe :-La

Put the sensitivity to high, let it finish and let delete on reboot. it’ll be gone. This is a fairly old rootkit, don’t worry there no MBR to worry about :wink:

Alrighty then. Thanks jay2007tech :wink: