Broken left button on mouse

You never know how critical something is until you try to do your normal routine and it is not available.
Last Friday the left button on my mouse broke, and Monday was when I expected to pickup a new mouse and Keyboard.

Went in to Staples expecting to bring it home but they had it the next day.  I thought it was a pretty good deal!  Logitech Cordless Desktop Combo Wave Keyboard and LX8 cordless mouse. List $89.99 for $49.99

What I discovered is that there are many things that you cannot do with out that left key. There are a few things that I can do with comodo software
but Unfortunately there are many important steps that are unable to be accessed because of no left mouse key.

Wonder if in upcoming versions you could underline action keys !l

I did find problems though if from one action key I opened another window with other actions keys. I was doing something wrong because that window would always close.

One problem though is this might leave an opening for malware attacks? I know your program designers and programmers will test and secure Comodo products from being accessed or deleted by malware.

Thank You