Bring back the old "System Utilities": Kill PCTuneUp!

I have used a lot of COMODO products, but PCTuneUp is the first time I have ever been disappointed. It disappoints, BIGTIME.

This “free” program is just the biggest downloadable advertisement ever. Download and run it and all it tells you is: “Pay to Upgrade Now because your computer is about to experience a hellish fiery death”. (OK, maybe not quite that dramatic, but it seems about that bad.)

Others have said before, but I think it is important to reiterate: saying PCTuneUp is a “free product” leaves a dirty mark on the otherwise shining COMODO brand name. It is a waste of time and download. COMODO, my humble suggestion is: either make PCTuneUp a true free product, or stop advertising it as such. The way this “free” product currently works makes COMODO seem like a scam. (Such a shame).

Also, since “COMODO System Utilities 4.0.226743.26” is available elsewhere (google it), why not bring it back onto the COMODO website. Unlike PCTuneUp, it is (was?) an awesome product: an excellent way to clean up and customise your system. “CCleaner” does, however, find some holes that “System Utilities” misses (and vice-versa), so it would be nice to see “System Utilities” updated.

Simply: LOVE what COMODO has done in the past, but HATE what PCTuneUp is doing to COMODO right now. That’s my 2 cents.