Bring back sandbox CIS sandbox notifications on Windows 10 [M2134]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
New CIS10 is great but it still needs some improvement on the usability part on auto-sandbox.
On Windows 10, when a file is autosandboxed, only a toast standard Windows notification is shown,
not a CIS notification. The file is autosandboxed and cannot be removed immediately from the sandbox

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
On all alerts, I would like comodo GUI to take over, just like in previous versions - on AntiVirus
this can be chosen by deselecting the automatic action for realtime protection. And on Sandbox
i would love to have the CIS 8 style popup notifications again so in case something is sandboxed that it
should not, I can take them out directly without going to manually set this form the COMODO main interface
or the options.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
The old style sandbox notifications was simple, easy and fast. The new one only shows a notification and does not let you
select any actions to take out of sandbox. It makes a pain out of taking the files out of the sandbox.

4. Any other information:
There is a global “unblock” switch but there are many reasons why this cannot fully replace this notification :slight_smile:

1 :-TU

the main reason why i prefer CCAV, is that you get alert every time you run the same unknown application and not just for the first time like CIS 8/10 and you can configure it to ask.

and the weaknes with CCAV that it dosent have any firewall to block unknown from making contact with internet.

Moving to verified as a bug for this wish is already logged in the tracker.

This is now implemented in CIS beta and newer. Moving to added wishes.