Bring Back - Option to Remove/Delete Unwanted Vendors from Trusted Vendors List

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Starting from Comodo Internet Security 2019 (v12.0.0.6810) the option to Remove/Delete Unwanted Vendors in Trusted Vendors List was removed, the user is only allowed to enable/disable trusting in specific vendors.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I want back the ability to Remove/Delete Unwanted Vendors from the List.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Allows the user more options to customize the list, makes it easier to: check all vendors, search for the vendors I want to trust - uncheck them, and then delete all other vendors, by pressing the Remove button. Currently it seems this “trick” is not possible anymore for CIS V12.

Also with less entries on the list, CIS GUI loads faster, CIS itself consumes less system resources, and overall computer performance is improved.

4. Any other information:

Above video shows how easy it was to customize the Trusted Vendors List back in CIS V10/V11.

Yesterday I installed the update and now I’m very disappointed that this possibility no longer exists. Therefore I will reinstall the previous version, no matter if it takes longer to start.
I’m close to switching to some other security software. I don’t know if comodo still protects as reliably as before. The next av-test will show it.

It is madness to have to edit this endless list individually.

Another change in this way that you as a user are restricted in setting your program or you don’t have the abilitiy to allow or not I don’t want. After all the many many years using cis it’s a pity that comodo is now going on to restrict the possibilities and rights of users to such an extent (see comdo dragon, too).

If there was a buy version that didn’t have these restrictions, I would buy it, but only if.

The payment options would also have to be right or extended or the purchase via an online retailer, not only in the USA.

Yes . . . :-TU :-TU

I have brought it to developers notice, they will discuss and decide about adding back such possibility.


Yes Yes …

Very good !!!

Thank you, @johnboy22, for your video.

Your statement/opinion at the end is consistent with what I’ve researched lately, and therefore I installed CIS 12 last night once more (now the fifth time!!).
The problem with silverlight/virtual desktop is now not so importent for me any more. Importent is the security comodo offers. So this topic is done he list of trusted vendors for me.

Thanks once more! :-TU

Forgotten: In vers.12 you can’t delete all vendors you don’t want to be listed. Even if you change “trusted” or. i.e. “unknown” in the users rating the will be set to trusted again.

Many thanks to the Comodo team again to be able to edit the vendor list. I voted, indeed, for no (but I have to admit that I had doubts about my decision after all), but now I appreciate this possibility again. My experience with comodo so far has been: Protect reliably!