Bring back "old" CIS behavior/features

Numbers in what happens and what I want it to happen relate to eachother! Connect them to get the full picture of my wishes…

1. What actually happened or you saw:

  1. Nearly all Purge buttons are gone, making it impossible to keep file lists neat, tidy and without redundant non existing entries.
  2. When trusting files through Autosandbox popups, they are added to the Autosandbox list with “Ignore” rule instead of being added to the Trusted files list like it was before (making Autosandbox list really hard to manage).
  3. Accessing “Unrecognized files” panel require ridiculous amount of clicks through menus
  4. The new combined “Trusted/Unrecognized/Malicious files” list is unnecessarily clumsy with the need to repeatedly use the sorting filters to see desired files. Clumsy, annoying and useless.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

  1. Bring back purge buttons to cleanup lists of files that have entries on the lists, but do not exist anymore physically on HDD
  2. Stop adding files that you trust on execution (through Autosandbox popup notifications) to the Autosandbox rules list, add them to Trusted files list like in CIS prior to v8.2 (or v8.1?)
  3. Make “Unrecognized files” list accessible directly from the main panel where it used to be before the change. Like in the widget, just in the main CIS panel.
  4. Separate Trusted/Unrecognized/Malicious files list into separate lists like they used to be before v8.2/v8.1 so you can quickly access them directly (no need to make 100 clicks just to sort)

3. Why you think it is desirable:
They are all related to convenience and ease of use. Making 100 clicks to do something simple as moving Unrecognized file to a Trusted list is NOT convenient or user friendly. Not all of us want to use default Autosandbox file origin “Any-Internet” that just automatically ignores all files that are already present on the disk. I just don’t trust that thing. And by changing it to Any-Any, it brings a storm of popups and countless entries on the file lists that are now ridiculously hard to manage. And if I decide to do so, I shouldn’t be extra punished for that with all the inconveniences…

4. Any other information:
None really, I just wish CIS 8.3 will already have all these features back, CIS 8.2 is driving my mind crazy… If you need more details, feel free to ask.

I have to say I agree with most of the comments above ^

Hey Guys,

#1 Purge button will be back with the enxt major release. I m gonna check the other cases as well.

Kind Regards

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