Bring back CVA


Please bring back CVA. I really miss this little fella :'(. I hope this product doesn’t get discontinued and forgotten about being on hold. It was such a handy tool that could have been installed on your average persons computer to report vulnerabbilities, updates, etc. I hope to see it return one day ;D.


Yes please…

Lets have a vote, maybe the forum community will persuade comodo to bring it back.

I would actually like to become part of CIS, kaspersky has the same thing part of their suite, they call it a “vulnerability scan” and i have it setup to run every 20 days automatically.

:-TU :slight_smile:



Used to use both CVA and Secunia to check for vulnerabilities and needed updates and patches.

Last scan with CVA I only saw one new update.

Wondered what others use for scanning for software updates, I use these 3

UpdateChecker from File Hippo, It only shows what files it offers for download but has been very accurate on full releases and beta updates.

UpdateNotifier from CleanSoft.Org Also very good and found software I forgot about.

The last one is a beta from cnet called Tech Tracker. Being beta found several betas posted as full release and also incorrect version numbers.

Wish I knew what files they were looking at so I could clean them out. Oh I do use Comodo System Cleaner along with several other cleaners both file and registry.


I’m using Secunia PSI now and I’ve got to admit, I really like it :-TU. However, I would much prefer to be using CVA and to see how it would have developed over time.


Yeah, I want it back too.


Wouldn’t it be cool if CVA was implemented into CD (Comodo Dragon). I think I would prefer CVA in CD rather than CIS but if it was added to either, I would be very happy chappy :D.


Why would CVA have anything to do with being in a browser? if anything it should either be in CIS or CSC because of various other system tools.


Because no other browser has this feature and would make a good selling (or installing) point compaired to other browsers like Opera, Firefox, IE, etc. Everybody (geek or noob) uses a browser and having the ability to check for updates or vulnerabilities on their system is a plus (rather than having to install CIS or CSC for this functionality)


Release of new Comodo Cloud Scanner atleast identifies vulnerabilities etc. Yet to try it myself:

Hi Eric

I don’t think CCS detects vulnerabilities, only malware and suspicious files (plus privacy issues, registry errors and junk files). That said, you’ve given me an idea :-La.


Interesting, I will check it out

I want it too. Vulnerabity Analyzer as part of CIS.

CVA functionality may be added to CCS (COMODO Cloud Scanner) in the future. See link below:-


Yes indeed we might bring back CVA as part of CCS.
Andrei has all the details on that :slight_smile: