Bring back "Ask Me Every Time"

I noticed that “Ask Me Every Time” was remove from the cookie management option. It’s was very useful because it prevented certain cookies from being placed on the computer in the first place. Comodo Ice Dragon should consider bringing this back.

Hi Rm5496,
This might be hard to reintroduce as it has been removed from the Firefox base from version 44.
The “ask me every time” option of the privacy settings, regarding cookies, is gone.-Mozilla Support

There maybe a suitable extension to replace functionality.

Kind regards.

That’s too bad because I really like the option, it was very useful. I’ve already tried a lot of the add-on’s but they don’t work right or need to be upgraded. They don’t prevent the cookie from being placed in the first place, which is what I want. They either delete the cookie after you close the tab or browser.

I’ve also looked for a dedicated program but they’re all gone. Well, maybe Comodo or someone out there could come up with dedicated cookie manager like there use to be. I guess, I’ll have to wait then. Thanks for the quick response.

Hi Rm5496,
You are welcome.
I have passed your idea onto Staff about a dedicated cookie manager. :-TU
No promises. :wink:


A dedicated cookie manager would be great. However in the meantime I have been using Cookie Monster for years now and I find it very useful. In the browser options uncheck ‘Accept cookies from sites’ so no cookies are ever saved, but using the Cookie Monster icon as you browse you can allow cookies for any site that you want, or just temporarily allow for the current browser session, or delete or block etc.
I had a problem after the latest update of Ice Dragon, it was saying that Cookie Monster was unverified and wouldn’t let me enable it, but that was easily fixed with an About:Config tweak.

Obfuscated link replaced (§8.10). JoWa

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that… :slight_smile: