Bridged Networrk = no internet connection

After a clean install of CIS I am unable to get a connection to my router, and then on to the internet via my bridged network connection. If i switch to my 2nd network connection which isnt bridged everything works fine.

My bridge is between a physical network adapter and an OpenVPN network adapter - can any one tell me if this works or not, and if so what can I tweak in the firewall settings to get this configuration to work


I have similar scenario with completely different results:

My bridged connection is NOT filtered by CIS-firewall in any way! Even when I set up firewall security level to “block all mode”, vmware guests using bridged connection can access LAN or internet without any problem. I do not even see active it as inbound/outbound connections. Unbelievable…

John can you show us the Firewall logs? Can you connect to the router when you disable the VPN program?