BREAKING NEWS! Another 5 years of XP updates available - CNET

BREAKING NEWS! Another 5 years of XP updates available

Interesting. With the registry hack referenced in the original article, I was able to receive three additional XP updates for May. I wonder how long MS will allow this before they “break it”? Ironically, one of these updates fixed a long time graphical issue I’ve had with IE 8.

I would recommend a full disk image backup before receiving any of these updates!!!

this isnt actually updates for windows xp its updates for Windows Embedded Industry. These updates are not tested or intended for xp users

There have been a number of problems in the past with official updates from MS for all versions of Windows. This registry hack just allows you to install updates that have not been tested on XP, and is therefor much more likely to cause problems.

Anyone foolish enough to use this should at least make certain that they can recover their system after one of these updates makes XP totally unusable.

I have seen comments suggesting that XP and XP Embedded are very close siblings implicating it may be worth the gamble.

Thanks for comments. Yes, I am anticipating problems at some point, which is why I recommended a disk image before updating.