BrCcBoot.exe trying to access startup process in memory


Second time in two days I am getting prompts to permit/deny BrCcBoot.exe (location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlCenter4) to access in memory all the processes starting up.
I denied it for now.
Is this cause for concern?
Why is this coming up all of a sudden?


Hi Nag,

BrCcBoot.exe is related to Brother ControlCenter. Did you install a Brother’s device like a printer?

Yes, I did install a Brother printer.
Accessing all the processes in memory seems suspicious–what should I do?

Quote from Brother site :

Brother Control Center 4.0 interface enables you to create user profiles and customize your settings to make printing and scanning more efficient.

If you have no use of Brother Control Center disable it (service or startup entry) or block it via CIS in giving BrCcBoot.exe the status of isolated application or by moving it to the blocked files. If you need it, then allow in his application rule the interprocess memory accesses.