braviax.exe and buritos

My PC is plagued with a sudden eruption of malware with a request to delete infections with a symbol in my tray which “looks like” but is not a genuine windows worning. It makes an attempt to persuade me to buy a ficticious virus cleaner.
How can i best get rid of it. After cleaning up with Spybot and Avirus it retuned again and again.
This is with Windos XP.
Any help appreciated.


It sounds like you’ve been infected with a rouge antimalware application.
Give RougeRemover from Malwarebytes a try and see if it solves the problem. It currently detects and removes 444 different rouge applications.
If it doesn’t work, come back here.


what anti virus do you use?

Alright For removal search google for SDfix.!
Also, Check out Rootkit Unhooker. Look for sysrest.sys and force kill
and delete the braviax files but SDfix usually takes care of braviax