Branding: Chromium Secure vs Dragon. [With poll]

Please vote.

Thanks from Captainsticks.

BTW: I voted Dragon.


Voted Comodo Dragon because of the Komodo Dragon thingie… ._.

Although I do prefer the Chromium Secure logo.

Thank you Sanya,
Yes I agree it is a catchy colour. :-TU

BTW: You can redirect Dragon’s shortcut to use the icon for the shortcut only.

Voted Dragon for the same reason.


I think comodo should keep Dragon, and i personally think comodo should have one browser only :slight_smile:

But thats just my own opinion!

I slightly prefer dragon but would sooner have an updated ice dragon.

I voted Dragon with the wished logo : HERE :-TU

If Comodo plans on having just 1 Chromium based browser in the future then keep the Dragon name. If not, then use separate names for them. Dragon & Chromium Secure

I like the new Dragon logo but i also like Chromium Secure’s logo. An easy solution… include both. :wink:

I’m currently hiring new resources to makes this happen and to keep new versions of CID coming. :slight_smile:

As we all know one size does not fit all.

As with the recent Scottish vote for independence for vote went in favour of “No” with a 55/45 split. This means that 45% of the people didn’t get what they wanted.

At Comodo I think we’d still like to give that 45% something, we’ll give you choice. You can choose which branding suites your tastes.

I’m currently hiring new resources to makes this happen and to keep new versions of CID coming.

Good news Shane

Is one browser (Dragon) with two motifs possible via setting or perhaps a Motif switch button (echos of W8 Start), and keep the Dragon branding?

Is that too simple or is the need to add yet another product with staff too tempting? :wink:

I voted Dragon because it is a strong and distinct brand name… 8)

If we are to only have one name, it looks like Dragon is clearly leading the way.
It is iconic and unique as a browser name. :-TU

How about Chrome Dragon?

What about Drachrone :o

A heartfelt no. I don’t like the reference to Chrome. Chrome is already associated with the strong Google brand. I would favour Comodo Dragon showing it is a Comodo product. For those who are interested will know it is a Chromium based browser.

Good point. I was thinking that those who were looking for a Chromium browser may find it easier to find with that in the name, but you bring up a good point. Those who care will very likely know that already. Thus, with that in mind, I have now changed my vote to Dragon. :-TU

I voted Chromium Secure :-TU

I think using “Chromium” in the product name infringes on Google’s registered trademark.

I do hope that was considered before you made the choice.

And that’s one of the reasons I voted Dragon and suggested the Chromium-like motif be added to that product.