Borked update v79->80 ! How to restore Dragon ?

This “release” :-TD is terrible ! I can’t believe it ! It breaks :frowning: the layout in sites which had been working beautifully until now, and worse ! The dragon crashes instantly each time I try to access my (dearly paid!) “amazon prime videos” ! How come you released such a buggy thing with so little testing ? More important, urgently : HOW DO I RETRIEVE THE PREVIOUS (v79) PERFECT CD VERSION ? I want my Amazon videos back !
Sorry for “shouting”, that blunder over there has made me mad >:(

I want to go back to CD 79 and STAY THERE until things are settled. I do not trust Chromium/Chrome/Dragon “upgrades” any more.

(edit, to add:) before one asks, this happens the same having all extensions disabled.
HOW DO I REVERT ? PLEASE ! I want my good Dragon 79 back !

You should be able to get it here: Comodo Dragon Download (2023 Latest)

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Thank you ! Assuming the worse : will that delete and override all my customizations, hundreds of bookmarks carefully organized in folders, extensions, browsing history, as if it were a first intallation of the Dragon ? If so I’d better take some time ahead to preserve - at least - the bookmarks.

I’ve never tried it with Dragon, but I’d definitely backup everything if I were you. Going back with a Firefox version was enough for me!

Merci, @Ploget ! Shall reserve an quiet hour tomorrow to try and restore the older version.
Yet I do not intend to sound only negative, I’d really applaud if this crashing is explained and corrected by our great developers (both at Chromium and Comodo.)
Couple ideas/suggestions :

  • other “Amazon prime” users, please check if it crashes your CD - also, Netflix (I don’t do netflix, but I do know they use the same digital rights management system than Amazon, and I suspect that “widevinecdm” system is what is broken in the latest issued CD.
  • also those having Google Chrome 80, please check if Amazon/Netflix videos work on that brower.
    See you later…

Hello Czerno, i understand you concern but i can assure you it has been tested for more than 1 month, yes we are aware of some small issues but the video part was tested by myself and i tested it on numerous systems. Our Produce Manager took a look over it and he always tests Netflix Amazon Prime Hulu and few other payed services as do i, i will look over Amazon prime more to see if i can reproduce the issue

Hi Sergiu ! I’m glad Prime videos do work for you (and hopefully, others). Here it crashes the whole browser… poof! … the instant it tries to navigate to the site of amazon prime. (edited: even after purging the cache. nice try, but, no joy)
Something has gone very wrong for me during this “upgrade” from 79 to 80!
Since you are confident in Comodo 80 in general, I’ll try full uninstall followed by a fresh install after backing up bookmarks.

@Ploget : I checked the download at "’ that you provided a link to. Unfortunately, all it yields is the web installer that in turn gets the current CD, not the version they advertise which happenned to be current when their page was updated. This problem : near impossibility to get at older versions, has always plagued Google Chrome and, apparently, also CD. Full uninstall it will be, therefore… sigh!

You can save your bookings as a HTML file, as a backup(press [CTRL] + [Shift] + [ O ] on your keyboard got to settings menu -3 dots top right screen- and click export bookmarks )…after install v80 will take 2-3-4-5 minutes depending on your internet speed, PC specs etc to download all it’s components
( chrome://components/ ) after it installs the Widevine Content Decryption Module - Netflix, Amazon will start working, if you still have this problem send me a video, print screen, it is hard for us to test all possible scenarios and that is why we always release Beta, and RC for you to test and give us your feedback

OK so here’s good news : reinstalled a fresh v80-Dragon after ditching the borked update,
it IS working and playing Prime videos alright now !

I have retrieved my full bookmarks folders also. I’d like to retrieve all stored site passwords, too :
in prevision I kept (renamed) the old user data folder and subfolders, which file(s) should I try to inject into the current one to this end ?

Hello czerno,

If you saved all user data folder, you can replace the new created one when you reinstalled the Dragon with the one you saved but make sure it has the same name and hit replace when you copy it. This way, all your old info should be retrieved. To make sure you don’t lose anything (in case this doesn’t work or something unexpected appears) be sure you have a backup, like you did with the bookmarks.

Let us know the results.

@Catalin : unfortunately when I swapped the saved data folders back in, the Dragon started
to freak again and crash on the amazon video page. Swapping again to the new data restores proper operation. There are too many files and folders in there for me to try to exchange them one by one (and there might be interdependences, too). If only I knew which file holds saved passwords I’ll try to swap that one in isolation… else I’ll just call it a casualty and write it off…